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Metal Toad University #6: Gets Spooky

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In our last episode, our intrepid developers created a site that was functional, but as visually appealing as a dish rack. For this class we had another guest speaker and fellow Toad, Chris Cech, who talked about some simple techniques he uses when designing a site. After a brief recap of the site we built, he went through his Photoshop file and made some modifications to support the site elements we are building. After he completed his design, we started applying the styles to the pages. We added the webfont via Google, added the header images, aligned the navigation, and finally applied styling to the 'hand nav'. We didn't finish, so this week we'll be wrapping it up with the goal of starting on a new 'theme'.

NOTE: This design is intentionally over-the-top (So is my halloween party), so keep the insults to a minimum.
Check it out

Here's the video from last week:

Date posted: February 7, 2013

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