Metal Toad University - Class #4: JavaScript!

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The fourth class we held was an intro to JavaScript (JS), guest hosted by Robbie Ferrero.

Robbie gave us a great presentation on what JS is and how to use it. We covered the basics like what a variable is and what a function is. At the end, I demoed a small piece of code that I wrote during that class. It allowed me to demonstrate some JS in action.

There was a small piece of 'homework' given by another fellow toad, Tom Martin. He suggested that students try to recreate their Facebook profile page on their own. As we are not a traditional school/class, our 'homework' is completely optional.

This week we'll be doing some web design! We'll walk through some basic ideas about web design and work on our first real project.

Be sure to check out the video below if you missed it.

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