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If you're a front-end developer you probably know that it can be difficult to keep up-to-date on all the new technology and techniques that our peers are using and developing. The amount of knowledge that is constantly being updated on the internet can be overwhelming and not knowing where to start can be equally so.

Here is a list of several resources that I personally use and I'd like to invite my co-workers to add to this list in the comments. Hopefully this list of blogs, podcasts, and other resources will serve as a good starting point for anyone trying to learn more.


These are google reader bundles with most of the development related blogs I read.

Drupal blog bundle

Development blog bundle

Paul Irish's Frontend-webapps


I love podcasts, that's why I started ToadCast here at Metal Toad. Here are most of the development/technology related podcasts I listen to. You can visit their sites below or just search for them in iTunes.


Newsletters are a great way to stay informed, especially if you want a greater signal-to-noise ratio by just reading what were the hottest topics of the week. I won't list them all, but you can also subscribe to the various W3C working groups. Of course, you can also sign up for the Metal Toad newsletter in the sidebar of this page :)

There are so many other ways to stay informed, too many to list here. Attending local meetups in your town, following people on twitter and google+ that have written an article that you found interesting, attending conferences. The point shouldn't be to just prevent yourself from falling behind or feeling obsolete, but to also to improve yourself and hopefully have fun doing it. Also so you can contribute back and help move the web forward.

Date posted: July 13, 2012

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