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Installing FTP on a CentOS 5 system

I recently had to install a FTP client on one of our live servers. This was a first time occurrence for me, so I thought it might be useful to document for anyone else looking to do the same.

- Use yum to install the FTP package:
$ yum install ftp

The yum software management tool will then set itself for install, setting up any necessary repositories and resolving dependencies. A prompt will show the total download size and ask you to proceed:

Total download size: 54 k
Is this ok [y/N]: 

Answer yes (the install should complete pretty quickly) and if everything is kosher, the last output will be:


A quick note: to check if your installation was successful, ftp --help doesn't help much, --help is an unknown option for ftp. Simply type ftp at your command prompt to start FTP. You should see something like:


Good deal, your FTP client has been installed.

Date posted: January 22, 2009


Hi Barret,
Followed your yum install ftp tip but ... all i get is: Setting up Install Process
No package ftp available.
Nothing to do

What now?

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