Q2 Hackathon Theme: Internet of Things (IoT)

Metal Toad's second hackathon will be focused on the Internet of Things. Why IoT? Over the years we have accumulated broad experience in this area; we've built systems including analytics for solar and wind energy, backend services for wearable devices, and a vehicle telematics platform. Of course this is a growing field, and in addition to software and data analytics for IoT, this will be a chance for toads to get their hands dirty with a soldering iron.

The Making of a Hackathon

For 48 hours, participants clear their calendars, and focus on just one* job: the ultimate hack. The goals of the hackathon are to reflect Metal Toad’s core values of help, respect, curiosity, adding value, and delivering great experiences to solve a problem.

We solve problems together: the minimum team size is three people, and last year the winning team had seven members! We have also found the best teams are inclusive of engineering, design, and product/project management.

At the end of the second evening, each team has 15 minutes to present, and projects are scored by a panel of judges.

Stay tuned for more updates, including the date to be announced!

* Well, almost one job. Our 24-hour SLA applies 365 days a year, so some on-call staff have to multi-task!

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