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DC Comics & Hip Hop

Many years ago I got into skateboarding, soon after, that lead to hip hop. Something about the two seemed to be synonymous around that time, or perhaps it was just my area (Metro Detroit). While skateboarding and hip hop were like PB & Jelly, I found comic books and hip hop seemed to also have a complimentary relationship that permeated throughout the art form. 

Flash forward many years--to current time, I have the honor of being the Project Manager for the DC websites (,,

Combining these two life experiences, I have made a Spotify playlist of the hip hop songs I listen to that reference DC Comics and/or DC Characters. It is a fun list to bob-your-head to while QA-ing bugs for the sites, or simply realizing how much DC is common place in our culture.

Most noteworthy song not on the list: Secret Wars II by The Last Emperor

Check out the List: DC Comics & Hip Hop

If there is a song I should add to the list, let me know! What song do you listen to with a DC reference?

BTW - There are less than family appropriate words and themes used in these songs. 

Date posted: September 8, 2014

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