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PNW Drupal Summit Session: Calendaring with Drupal

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Things You Can ( or Can't ) Do With the Full Calendar Module

This session led by Tim Plunkett covered the kinds of things you can do with his Full Calendar module. Thanks to those who pointed out this is it's own module not a plugin. The dependencies are Views and the Date module.

I was a few minutes late to this session, and the basic demonstration on getting it up and running was already finished, which leads me to believe that setting it up is a pretty smooth and easy process.

Here are a few take aways from the session:

  • Build calendars that look like Google calendar
  • Use drag and drop to edit events
  • Change color of events based on node type
  • Full Calendar Legend module will display which colors match which node types
  • Change event color based on node type, author or taxonomy
  • Handle repeating dates, but that turns off drag and drop functionality because it can't distinguish between one instance or all events. Use date_repeat_presets module for this.
  • Use Views ability to rewrite fields to include custom links on your events
  • As long as the browser has Javascript the calendar will work, though some older browsers might display a simple list.
  • No iCal support at this time.
  • If you want to re-theme the calendar, the easiest way is to use jQueryUI themer. If you want to do complete custom, turn of JQueryUI so you don't have to fight it.
Date posted: October 16, 2011


Instead of on top of it.

Are you sure full calendar module "is a plugin that runs on top of the Calendar module" ? doesn't seem so.

pd: feel free to delete this message...

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