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Los Angeles' Scope Los Angeles is a massive metropolis. While only #18 by population - with a mere 18.7 million people - Los Angeles is

Los Angeles' Scope

Los Angeles is a massive metropolis.  While only #18 by population - with a mere 18.7 million people - Los Angeles is 3rd in the world in GDP with over a trillion of dollars produced annually. With numbers like that it's no surprise that the cloud market decisions made in Los Angeles will have huge consequence to the cloud vendors that win here.  Google Cloud launched a Los Angeles data center in July 2019, and it remains to be seen what moves AWS and Microsoft will make in tapping the opportunity that exists here.

Given the huge financial footprint of Los Angeles the opportunity to optimize for the cloud is significant.  And with that in mind, we will be publishing a series of interviews with Los Angeles-based CIOs and other cloud decision makers to talk about their process for choosing the right cloud provider.  Needs vary, as do existing relationships and the incentives different providers are willing to offer.  We will share individual stories and well as collate a broader narrative on the usage of AWS, Azure, GCP - and other cloud providers in Los Angeles.

Accelerating Cloud Growth

In 2018, global cloud revenue was $36B - 4 times larger than what analysts were predicting in 2015.  And for the past three years cloud has tripled its revenue every year; in Q1 of 2016 the total market was $8B and in the Q1 of 2019 revenue was $24B.

Why the Cloud Continues to Grow

The reason for the success is simple: the cloud makes it cost effective to build software that even a few years ago would have been impossible to imagine. The benefit for large enterprises, like the ones many of you work at is even bigger as corporate discounts offer huge cost savings vs managing internal IT infrastructure and the associated code. By some estimates, business that take advantage of the cloud grow 20% faster. 

When AWS Lambda launched in 2014 it ushered in the possibility of architecting serverless cloud applications, and today AWS offers more than 170 products and services.  Our job at Metal Toad as an AWS managed services consulting partner is to make these complex, powerful systems simple to deploy.  We also help our customers stay up on the latest in the industry - and we are looking forward to sharing stories from the Cloud in Los Angeles.

Our Cloud Story

Metal Toad’s first major launch for the media & entertainment industry on the cloud was in 2013 with a well-known televised award show. Globally at that time, the total cloud market share in 2013 had just broken $1B. Two years later the market had tripled in size. Needless the say we have continued to see the industry move to further embracing the cloud, with the impact of COVID19 significantly increasing the move to streaming and cloud distribution globally.

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