Project Hazel - Razer mask

CES 2021: Razer launches the smart mask — Project Hazel

If you're like me, you may be tired of wearing a mask.  It's essential, it's important, and it's becoming part of everyday life. However, as we enter 2021 and it is becoming part of our daily uniform I'm curious if there's something better. Razer launched a cool new product at CES this week that may be the answer.  If you've used a hundred paper masks by now, and wish there was a better solution, this may be the mask for you.  I love gadgets and cool technology (ask me about my headphone collection sometime) but I can't tell if this product is super awesome or a little over the top.  

Project Hazel solves a number of problems. It's got a built-in microphone and amplifier to solve the 'muffled voice' problem we all have.  It's made of clear plastic, so others can see your mouth as you talk.  And Razer has added LED lights so others can see your mouth in low light.  The lights also look cool when it's charging (because you have to charge it - which may be the over the top part).  The case that charges the mask also sterilizes it as it charges through UV.  

Razer says it's made of reclaimed plastics and sustainable materials and that it's waterproof for long term use.  It's made of comfortable materials for hours of wear.  

While it seems like a bit "extra" for everyday folks like me, I can see a lot of really useful applications, and I love that a tech company is focusing on innovation.  For teachers trying to help kids understand language the movement of your mouth is an important part of the instruction.  For anyone in the service industry trying to shout over a noisy cafe or restaurant having clarity and amplification to your voice would be super helpful.  And the N95 filtration is an essential feature for service workers around the public all day.

I love the innovative spirit behind this product, but what are your thoughts? It's still in development, but if it comes out, would you get one?


Date posted: January 14, 2021

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