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Bulk generating menu hierarchies

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If you have ever needed to bulk generate menu items in Drupal (I used this for theming some drop-downs), here is a snippet to accomplish it. The third parameter is for recursively creating a hierarchy, so be careful with it – you can blow up the menu admin page in a hurry!

This code requires the devel module; the ambitious reader might consider adapting this to patch devel itself.

When you're finished, the generated items can be cleared quickly with DELETE FROM {menu_links} WHERE link_path = '';

 * Bulk generate menu links.
 * @param $count Number of links to generate.
 * @param $plid  Menu id  of the parent item.
 * @param $depth Recursion depth; 0 for a single set of menu items.
function menugen($count, $plid = NULL, $depth = 0) {
  require_once(drupal_get_path('module', 'devel_generate') . '/');
  foreach (range(1,$count) as $x) {
    $item = array(
      'menu_name' => 'primary-links',
      'link_path' => '',
      'link_title' => devel_create_greeking(2, TRUE),
    if (! empty($plid)) {
      $item['plid'] = $plid;
    $mlid = menu_link_save($item);
    if($depth != 0) {
      menugen($count, $mlid, $depth - 1);
Date posted: October 7, 2009


That does look like a handy optional extra for devel_generate. Makes sense.

(I've use node_import with the menu/path support to quickly generate sitemaps/menus before now - not the same thing at all, but it gets a similar job done.)

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