To Blog or Not to Blog

To Blog or Not to Blog

For someone who does not consider himself much of a writer, “To Blog or Not to Blog?” is a question of Shakesperian proportions. I have questions — so many questions. What would I write about? Would anyone care? Would the blogs be great, or would they suck? Would I make a fool of myself? Am I any good at it? Why does it matter?

But then I was reminded of a blog post by the CEO and founder of Metal Toad — Joaquin Lippincott. In a 2017 blog Push the publish button already,” Joaquin makes the point that some blogs may be gems, and some may be rocks. But, the hardest part of blogging is finally pushing the publish (send, enter, etc.) button.  

So, here you go. Be kind, cruel world.


Date posted: December 28, 2020

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