AWS Personalize - AWS reInvent Insights

AWS Personalize - AWS reInvent Insights

After attending AWS re:Invent, I’m convinced the conference is an absolute must-go for anyone who’s passionate about the future of the cloud. There was so much inspiration, excitement, and creativity in the air, I was overwhelmed—in a good way! 

Perhaps the biggest lean-forward moment for me was a session about AWS’s suite of machine learning services. I was on the edge of my seat hearing about Amazon Personalize in particular, because I’ve seen how creating highly curated experiences is a major differentiator for enterprises that seize the possibilities. You can watch the video of the evolution here:

The big takeaways

For those who don't have time to watch the whole video, Personalize is particularly exciting to me for a few reasons:

  1. Precision - It allows companies to curate the customer experience with more precision than ever, making products that become integral parts of their users’ daily lives
  2. Real Time - With Personalize, customized user experiences can now happen in real time—learning and responding to user activity from the moment they log in
  3. Ease - It’s easy and quick to implement, so companies no longer need machine learning technologists on staff to harness the power of AI
  4. Learning - The more users interact with an app that personalizes their experience, the more business intelligence a company gains 

Some of the biggest brands are already leveraging this tech to create amazing user experiences. I especially loved the presentation on how Domino’s uses Personalize—because my family uses it every Friday night. An app that makes it easy for my kids to order their weekly pizza (and makes sure I always get my breadsticks and ranch!) is an instant loyalty-builder for me. As a user, I see what a powerful user experience Personalize can create—and as a digital strategist, I envision tremendous opportunities for our clients’ products. 

AWS has evolved their AI suite rapidly over the past couple years, and implementing services like Personalize can be a huge game-changer for our clients. The future is data—and companies that harness its power to create unique, customized user experiences will lead their industries into the digital future. 

Date posted: March 27, 2020

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