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AWS re:Invent is the big annual AWS conference that takes place at the end of every year in Las Vegas.  Every year, Metal Toad attends and tracks the most interesting releases and news coming out of Amazon.  Enjoy!

  • Purple image that says "Where is AWS going? 3 trends from AWS re:Invent 2021"

    Where is AWS going? 3 Trends From AWS re:Invent 2021

    I had the privilege of being able to attend AWS re:Invent 2021 in Las Vegas.

  • Purple image with white text that says, "AWS re:Invent Recap day 1."

    AWS re:Invent 2021 Day 1 Recap

    “Unforgettable” is without a shadow of a doubt, the most accurate word for my first day watching

  • Insights from Julie Scott Artwork

    Adaptability, Reinvention, and Media Security

    Our CTO, Tony Rost, sat down with Senior Product Manager, Julie Scott, to talk about her key takeaways from this year’s re:Invent: organizational adaptability, Reinvention, and Media Security.

  • Data Dashboards with AWS Quicksight

    How to get started with AWS Quicksight

    Our CTO, Tony Rost, sat down with product leader Dave Bellous to talk about his key takeaways from this year’s re:Invent: AWS Quicksight

  • AWS re:Invent

    Top 3 AWS re:Invent 2020 announcements

    Last week AWS wrapped up their latest AWS re:Invent Conference. This year it was a three week online event with multiple tracks, re-broadcasts, and announcements.

  • Machine Learning Banner Image

    How to do machine learning in AWS

    After being immersed in hundreds of announcements and innovations and inspiring presentations at AWS re:Invent, the key insight I came away with was this: machine learning has so radically evolved that it will change the future of every industry smart enough take advantage of it.

  • AWS Personalize - AWS reInvent Insights

    AWS Personalize - AWS reInvent Insights

    AWS Personalize, part of Amazon's suite of machine learning services, allows for creating highly curated experiences is a major differentiator for enterprises that seize the possibilities.

  • Amazon Rekognition Banner

    AWS re:Invent Insights—Amazon Rekognition

    As the CEO of an AWS managed services company I go to a lot of events and conferences (talking to fellow cloud evangelists is one of the best parts of my job) and AWS re:Invent is the show of the year when it comes to sheer volume of innovation on display.

  • Amazon Forecast

    AWS re:Invent Insights—Amazon Forecast

    I was excited to join a group of Toads attending AWS re:Invent. Five days of fascinating product announcements, keynote speeches, and networking with other cloud engineers was the perfect way to cap off the year.

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