Samsung Music Chooses Drupal

samsung music (formerly Samsung Music Hub) launched earlier this year pushing the boundaries of HTML5 and responsive web design. It was designed to work (obviously) across a large number of Android devices, with the animations taking full advantage of the built in GPU acceleration available on many mobile devices. The design was done by our awesome partners at Oakland-based Emotive Brand.

With its single page layout, the site is modern and hip - and also happens to sit on top of Drupal. Another large brand name for Drupal, and another demonstration of Drupal's complete compatibility with mobile devices.

Full casestudy:



That's an awesome site, Joaquin, and huge win for MT and Drupal. Nice work!

Nice responsive single page!

Great job on this single page responsive. Was there a base theme you guys found helped ease this or did you roll your own base theme?

We heart Metal Toad!

As a brand consultancy and design firm, we rely our development partner to help our clients find the right solutions for their digital projects. Metal Toad was an incredible partner to work with on this project. From beginning to end, they worked tirelessly to bring our brand strategy and design to life! We heart Metal Toad. Most especially Chris Trahey :) Thanks guys!

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