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Workplace Dress Code

 As I was deciding what to write about in a blog for a software company, I didn’t recall anyone writing one here about fashion or dress code at the workplace, . This can be a pretty controversial topic, so please keep in mind these are my opinions only.  And this is not in any way intended to make anyone feel self-conscious about their style.

When I think of fashion, I believe it is a form of self expression. And sometimes we do it unconsciously. For example, when we are feeling down we tend to not care much about our appearance, and don’t even care enough to brush our hair.

It is also the first impression  people will have of you, before they get to know the real you. In an ideal world you would be judged only on your skills and personality, but unfortunately first impressions matter and the way you dress is a huge part of it.

 In a professional setting the way you dress reflects the company values, especially when you have to meet with clients.  I strongly believe that dressing appropriately and to the occasion and always being well groomed  is a sign of respect, to your friends, host and colegues. I also believe in freedom in the workplace and making people feel comfortable with some expectations.

That’s my opinion.  Do you agree or disagree with me?

Workplace dresscode

Date posted: August 27, 2021

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