Why Metal Toad is so Special for Interns

As an intern, what are you looking to gain? A better resume? Experience? A portfolio piece? More connections? Paid for your time?

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As an intern, what are you looking to gain? A better resume? Experience? A portfolio piece? More connections? Paid for your time? 

To me, the most important thing was Experience. Working in a completely unfamiliar field with people who are willing to answer the million questions I have was ideal for me. And Metal Toad was the perfect place to gain the experience I was looking for.

First, Metal Toad gave me opportunities in my onboarding to have 1-1 meeting with executives and managers. I was able to ask many, many questions about how they started, their career path, what their day to day looked like, and more! They were all so friendly and never treated me as JUST an intern. They even gave me great advice and feedbacks on my career plans. I don’t know how many companies out there are giving this much educational opportunity to interns.

Second, they invited me to join in as many meetings as they could to get a sense of the Metal Toad community, even the ones for software engineers (which means I couldn’t understand 80% of the conversation). However, it helped me to learn how remote jobs worked, feel the community, and get to know the team. Also, they invited me to join in the Hackathon as a member, so I could help them a little bit with my design and see how the team creates software. It was amazing to see behind the scenes of things I use everyday without even noticing that there was so much effort and challenges involved. 

Third, they trusted me. I am an amateur photographer, but they gave me an opportunity to be an event photographer. And they liked my photos! It’s always amazing to have the opportunity to show the different aspects of yourself to those talented people because no one knows where those new opportunities are. 

Fourth, I learned how the company functions. There are many rituals at Metal Toad such as Company-wide Stand Up and Daily Scrum. We have many opportunities to share thoughts and concerns. This transparency has created huge trust for people at Metal Toad and for me! There is the fist bump opportunity at Company-wide Stand Up which gives you time to appreciate one another and recognize their work! It’s amazing to see a whole company gathered to give positive influence each other!

Lastly, I want to mention how welcoming Metal Toad is from my perspective as an international student. I am from Japan, and my English isn’t perfect. I thought that I may be at a disadvantage to be hired over native English speakers. But that wasn't true — I applied, interviewed, and was hired, and couldn’t be happier about it. The Toads are really friendly, and some of them even asked me for feedback. It’s truly amazing for people like me who have been seeing themselves as an outsider to have a safespace like Metal Toad where people support you and give you the same amount of challenges as others. I can’t appreciate it more.

It’s so hard for interns to find the best workplace for them, especially one with amazing people. But it’s not impossible. And I’m so happy that 4 months ago I found Metal Toad and applied with all of my heart.

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