Two white men hanging out do what for a living? My life as a Metal Toad Office Concierge

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I must admit, I do have a very unique job. After all, have you ever heard of an Office Concierge? What I have learned since I started is that this position is definitely one of a kind and I love it!

So what does an Office Concierge do? Since you asked, I compiled a list, some could call it The Ten Commandments of an Office Concierge as a glimpse into my world.

*Note: these are in no particular order of importance

1. Thou shall not let the kegs run dry
2. Thou shall treat all Toads as rock stars!
3. Thou shall keep amazing snacks fully stocked and available at all times
4. Thou shall greet and welcome all guests with enthusiasm and open arms (don't forget to offer them food and beverages)
5. Thou shall make sure the office is in perfect condition at all times
6. Thou shall recognize and anticipate any needs that the Toads may have and react to it before they know that they need it
7. Thou shall make all new Toads feel as if they have been a Toad their whole life
8. Thou shall not let the kegs run dry
9. Thou shall challenge a game of foosball to all visitors to make them feel like they are part of the team
10. Thou shall not leave a Toad wanting, it is your job to deliver and make sure that these rock stars have all the tools and comforts they need to keep on doing the amazing work that they do!

In all honesty, I could probably come up with many more than Ten Commandments but you get the idea.

What a great place, Metal Toad Media truly cares about their Toads and clients, my job is proof. As an Office Concierge, it is all about the service. As my boss Tim would say "its the WOW factor" and it really is true. Our Toads are talented and the best at what they do, recognizing them for that is what is important. Some of the tasks I do on a daily basis can be small but I truly believe that they add up and send the message "we are here for you!".

Client wise we feel the same. These are our partners and we work together with them to help solve their problems and deliver exactly what they are looking for and more. Being able to support the Toads with their needs translates directly to our clients. Happy Toads = Excellent Products and in turn happy clients.

As I continue to grow in this new role, I get more and more excited. Really, the possibilities are endless, finding new ways to surprise the Toads and clients is quite enjoyable. I myself am a people person, I thrive on social interaction, like it is a drug to me. So being able to have this position feels perfect, it is second nature. I have always been someone that notices the small details and in this position if you can capitalize on those little things you could end up making big impacts.

Hopefully this helped you catch a glimpse into what I get to do everyday and if you ever want to see it first hand, come on by! I will even pour you a beer! (remember commandment #1 and #8 those kegs won't be dry!).

Date posted: July 25, 2014


Aaron it has been great working with you! Have no doubt in your mind that these "little tasks" do "add up" and we are all grateful.

"Toads are the best at what they do" and you sir, are no exception. In fact you may exemplify that line better than any of us. It is a pleasure getting to share a good chunk of my day with you everyday, thanks for all that you do!

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