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Onboarding During my few weeks, I went through an onboarding process wher

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During my few weeks, I went through an onboarding process where I learned about the company's culture, values, and procedures. I met as many team members as possible and received training on the tools and software used by the company.

Learning the ropes

As I started working on assigned projects and tasks, I needed to learn the specific processes, tools, and workflows used by Metal Toad. I also introduced myself to the company's culture and standards, and started to understand how my work fits into the overall project.

Building relationships

I realized getting to know my colleagues and building relationships is important for both professional and personal growth. I attended team meetings, business meetings, and monthly virtual gatherings to get to know my colleagues better and build a sense of camaraderie.

Feedback and growth

During my first 90 days, I looked to receive feedback from my manager and other team members. I feel feedback is vital as I am entering a new space. I also set goals and received guidance on how to achieve them.

Challenging moments

Starting in a new field can be stressful, I have encountered some challenges during my first 90 days. Being unfamiliar with technologies and languages has caused me some stress but I am quickly realizing I have great resources around me. I have continually reminded myself that this is an opportunity for growth and learning.

Overall, my first 90 days at a tech company have been a period of rapid learning and growth. By staying open to feedback, building relationships with my colleagues, and embracing challenges as opportunities, I have set myself up for success in my new role and look forward to the journey ahead. 


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