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Metal Toad at the Digital PM Summit

Metal Toad is excited to be attending the first-of-its-kind Digital PM Summit coming up during the middle of October in Philadelphia! We're sending 3/4 of our PM team, including Katie, Matt, and myself.

The Summit has been organized by the Bureau of Digital Affairs, which has close ties with Happy Cog, a respected digital agency with a great PM team led by Brett Harned. The overall goal is to get numerous digital project manager and producer types together in one place and have conversations about all things digital PM. While previous summits and conventions we've attended (like Drupalcon Portland) have had business-related tracks and PM bird-of-a-feather gatherings, this summit will be much more focused on digital project management topics and attended by industry veterans of a higher caliber. The event is small in its initial year, maxing out at 150 attendees and a seemingly long wait list. Personally, I like the small size; I feel lost in the crowd at mega-conferences and prefer making connections in a smaller group setting.

The summit agenda treats us to talks and conversations with industry leaders speakers including Jeffrey Zeldman, Sam Barnes, Dan Brown, Michael Lopp, and Nancy Lyons. We'll cover PM-related topics including managing design, methodologies, content strategy, working with development teams, tools, and more. As a bonus, I get to present a lightening talk focused on strategies for retaining PMs and helping them thrive in a demanding role.

Stay tuned for blog posts and other follow-up with our takeaways from the summit. These type of events are always a great chance to change things up and step back for a few days to analyze and improve any weak points in our PM process at the Toad, as well as pat ourselves on the back a bit for things we're doing well. We're looking forward to meeting many of our industry peers and absorbing information like sponges!

Date posted: September 24, 2013

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