Building an Intent-based Chatbot: Webinar on Demand

In this webinar, learn how to build chatbots with generative AI to interact based on user intent rather than word-for-word matching.


Chatbots have been around for years as a way for companies to scale customer service with limited headcount, but one of the limitations many customer-chatbot interactions face is their rigidity as they were unable to process the wide variety of ways human customers can phrase the same request. Unless an input matched word-for-word on specific training or command data, these chatbots failed to properly determine a user’s request. 

The emergence of generative AI is enabling chatbots that are far more flexible and intelligent in ascertaining user intent by analyzing the whole context of a request, rather than only reacting to specific wording.

In this webinar, AI experts from Metal Toad and AWS talk through how Metal Toad built a successful internal chatbot using generative AI to correctly ascertain intent across a variety of internal messaging channels. Viewers will learn:

  • How to quickly set up chatbot with Amazon Lex
  • How to define output rules based on business objectives
  • How to use Amazon Bedrock to capture broader intent in prompts
  • How to extract key variables from unstructured chat conversations

Interested in testing a generative AI chatbot for your business? Reach out for a free strategy consultation. Additionally, we are also experts in helping you find and qualify for AWS funds to subsidize genAI PoCs for startups and small businesses such that in most cases, these POCs end up being of no cost to you, while also taking advantage of our preferred pricing on AWS services to cut your infrastructure costs. 

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