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AWS Media Symposium—New York 2020 (Postponed)

Excited about the future of media and entertainment? Join us at the AWS Media Symposium in New York this year (March 11, 2020). We’re excited to be sponsors at what promises to be an illuminating day of ...

This symposium has been postponed due to COVID-19 precautions—but you’ll want to attend when it’s rescheduled! In the meantime, here are some tips to get you ready for a fun and valuable event. Follow Metal Toad on LinkedIn for updates on the new event dates!

Excited about the future of media and entertainment? Join us at the AWS Media Symposium in New York this year (March 11, 2020). We’re excited to be sponsors at what promises to be an illuminating day of learning and networking for AWS managed service partners, experts, technologists, and leaders in the M&E industry. 

Here’s an overview of why you should go, what to expect, and how to get the most out of the event. 

Why should you attend?

  • Business leaders: You’ll see how M&E companies are leveraging the cloud to solve for their pain points—and get insight to apply to your own use cases
  • Developers and engineers: You’ll get hands-on experience with AWS innovations that you can take back to your company and implement 

What should you do at the event?

Visit the Metal Toad booth: As one of the only Media & Entertainment specialized AWS Consulting Partners, we’ll be there to talk through your enterprise cloud needs—and add some extra fun to your day.

  • Charging station: Need some juice? Stop by to charge your phone or laptop 
  • Raffle: Two luxurious nights at the Mosaic Hotel in Beverly Hills are up for grabs! Swing by to drop off your business card and we’ll scan your badge to enter you into the drawing
  • VIP Afterparty: Once the presentations and workshops end, hit up our VIP afterparty at the Black Hound Bar & Lounge for free drinks, appetizers, and fun—co-sponsored by AWS Elemental. Complimentary wristbands required for entry, so get yours at our booth for access to the festivities! 
  • Expert advice: Meet our top execs to discuss your unique needs and get insight you can take back to the office and put to use

Business leaders: Sign up for the Business Leader Track for sessions that give you practical ideas for solutions to your current problems and future opportunities. 

What not to miss (and why):

  • Lessons from a Cloud Migration: This is our top pick for must-see presentations—if you’re considering migration, you’ll need these practical insights 
  • NextGen AI/ML in Media: Machine learning is already transforming the landscape—this presentation will prep you to harness that power for your enterprise
  • Use case presentations: ViacomCBS’s session should be eye-opening for anyone looking to implement advanced audience segmentation
  • Networking lunch and happy hour: Connect one-on-one with other media and entertainment pros—and follow up on key insights from your favorite presentations

Developers and engineers: Sign up for one of the two available hands-on training tracks to get practical experience applying AWS solutions in your projects. 
What not to miss (and why):

  • Spotlight Labs for Media Workshop: Learn how to create stellar media experiences without the resources typically required to run specialized video equipment—ideal for those new to AWS media and AI/ML services
  • Build-on Media Workshop: Learn to design and build well-architected serverless media solutions with AWS Elemental and AWS AI/ML services—ideal for those in DevOps, streaming, and asset management roles
  • Networking lunch and happy hour: Find out what other technologists are doing with AWS services and talk shop
  • Sponsor booths: Meet AWS Consulting Partners, like Metal Toad, who can provide valuable resources and build the cloud solutions you need

What should you bring?

With a full day of sessions, you’ll want to remember a few key items to stay comfortable and make the most out of your attendance. 

  • Laptop: If you’re attending any hands-on trainings, you’ll need your laptop
  • Water and snacks: Bring your water bottle and some quick snacks so you aren’t fading by day’s end
  • Business cards: Half the point of attending is making connections. Be sure to bring cards so you can easily exchange info, especially during quick meet-and-greets when there’s no time to add contacts to your phone
  • Chargers: Juice for your phone, tablet, and laptop is as essential as juice for your brain and body—and remember, if you forget your charger, we’ve got you covered at the Metal Toad booth!
  • Notebook: You’ll hear a lot of ideas you want to refer back to and follow up on. Always a good idea to stash an actual paper pad and pen in your bag for quick jotting (or if your phone or laptop batteries die mid-presentation)
  • Elevator pitch: Whether you’re on the business or technology side, come prepared with a 30-second overview of what you do and what you’re looking for at the symposium—it will make networking faster and more valuable. Write it out in a note on your phone for easy reference

Why New York?

AWS has held multiple symposia in New York over the years for good reason—this is the hub for media & entertainment production on the East Coast. Some of the biggest players in the industry attend to connect with AWS pros and stay abreast of the latest cloud innovations transforming the M&E space. If you haven’t already, be sure to register for the free New York AWS Media Symposium.

What’s next?

The AWS M&E Symposium in LA will be another exciting opportunity to learn and connect—it’s happening June 3, 2020. We’ll be there, and hope to see you too!

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