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Anyone Can Program

Anyone with a child under the age of 19 knows that "anyone can cook."  Thanks to Ratatouille and the folks at Pixar, a whole generation of chefs has been inspired and emboldened.  As someone working in the software industry, I have a similar vision and it is this: anyone can program.

Whoa, you say.  "Isn't programming for hardcore nerds?  People with degrees in Computer Science or PhDs from Stanford?"  Yes, yes it is.  But it is also for the out of work factory worker looking to reengage in the workforce.  It is also for the Gym Manager looking for better long-term prospects than to compete against their peers for the sole Regional Manager spot.

The software/tech industry is awash with opportunity, so much so that many job postings for senior folks continually go vacant and the top 10 of the jobs with the greatest expected salary gains are software related.  So why can't this opportunity belong to anyone?

The answer is that it can.  It will take a little vision, but I believe that in as little as 8 months anyone can have access to a junior level position and in 3 to 5 years anyone who sticks with it will be in a strong middle or upper income job.  

Anyone can program.  It's up to us to inspire them to try.

Date posted: March 28, 2016

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Joaquin Lippincott, CEO

Joaquin is a 20+ year technology veteran helping to lead businesses in the move to the Cloud. He frequently speaks on panels about the future of tech ranging from IoT and Machine Learning to the latest innovation in the entertainment industry.  He has helped to modernize software for industry leaders like Sony, Daimler, Intel, the Golden Globes, Siemens Wind Power, ABC, NBC, DC Comics, Warner Brothers & the Linux Foundation.

As the CEO and Founder of Metal Toad, an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, his primary job is to "get the right people in the room".  This one responsibility is cross-functional and includes both external business development functions as well as internal delegation and leadership development.

A UCLA alumni, he also serves in the community as a Board Member for the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce, the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, and Stand for Children Oregon - a public education political advocacy group. As an outspoken advocate for entry-level job creation in tech he helped found the non-profit, P4TH, an organization dedicated to increasing the number of entry-level jobs in the tech industry, and is in the process of organizing an Advisory Board for the Bixel Exchange, a Los Angeles non-profit that provides almost 200 tech internships every year.


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