5 Things New Managers Should Know

5 Things New Managers Should Know

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You're a boss! Now what? Before diving in the list, I'd like to make sure you're aware of something: just because you have an MBA or classes in management doesn't mean you are skilled enough to become an effective leader.

  1. Be aligned with the company's vision, mission and goals

    Together, the vision, mission, and goals provide directions to everything that happens in the organization.

  2. Learn and practice listening skills

    Active listening is considered the most important skill to master as a leader.

  3. Don't forget you are a boss, not a friend

    This is a very common mistake new managers make. You can be friends outside of the office, but while inside, you need to keep your professionalism.

  4. Schedule regular one-on-ones with your directs

    The one-on-ones should be divided in 3 parts:

    1. The direct gives an update on their work, and whatever they need from you.
    2. You, as a manager give your direct updates on anything they need to know to accomplish their tasks.
    3. Brainstorm on future goals. This part is also perfect to integrate coaching, if you'd like to improve effectiveness.
  5. Be careful with what you delegate

    Never delegate things you haven't done before as you might need to be a resource, and directs like structure and guidance. Managers should also be clear with the result desired, and make sure to delegate the task to a direct who's properly skilled to accomplish it.

Managing is an ongoing learning experience, and becoming a manager is about becoming an effective true leader, not only reaching a high position as a boss.

Of course, there are many other things new managers should know. Feel free to leave your comments and suggestions on what you would add to this list.

Date posted: January 23, 2021

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