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For modern user applications having an avatar to represent you is important. Unfortunately it's not as easy as just uploading an image There is uploading, resizing, cropping, and of course moderation. On their own these are simple task to complete,  but all together they are a list of features that will take time to implement. To jump start the process we started with allowing users to use their Twitter Avatar.  

In this blog post, we will discuss how to use the Twitter API to access a user's avatar.

  1. Create a Twitter Developer Account
  2. Generate API Keys
  3. Install Tweepy Library
  4. Access User Avatar

Step 1: Create a Twitter Developer Account

Before you can access the Twitter API, you need to create a Twitter Developer account. You can sign up for a free account by visiting the Twitter Developer Portal and clicking on the "Apply" button.

Step 2: Generate API Keys

To generate API keys for your Twitter App, go to the "Keys and tokens" tab in your Twitter Developer Dashboard. Here, you will see your Consumer Key and Consumer Secret. These are used to authenticate your app with the Twitter API.

Next, you need to generate Access Tokens. To do this, click on the "Generate" button next to the "Access token & secret" section. This will generate an Access Token and Access Token Secret that you can use to authenticate your requests.

Step 3: Install Tweepy Library

To make it easier to access the Twitter API, you can use the Tweepy library. Tweepy is a Python library that provides a simple interface for accessing the Twitter API. To install Tweepy, simply run the following command:

pip install tweepy

Step 4: Access User Avatar

To access a user's avatar using the Twitter API and Tweepy, you first need to authenticate your requests using your API keys and access tokens. Once you have authenticated your requests, you can use the Tweepy library to access a user's avatar.

Here's an example of how to access a user's avatar using Tweepy:

import tweepy
api = tweepy.Client(bearer_token="Bearer Token")

# Get the user's profile image URL
user = api.get_user(username='USERNAME',user_fields=['profile_image_url'])
image_url =

# Download the user's avatar image
import requests

response = requests.get(image_url)
with open("avatar.jpg", "wb") as f:


In the above example, we then create a Tweepy API object and use the get_user() method to get the profile data for a specific Twitter user. We then get the user's profile image URL using the profile_image_url attribute of the user object.


Access the Twitter API to get Avatars is a power full way to speed up custom Avatar setup. 

Date posted: April 24, 2023

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