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GenAi making sweet music

Generative AI is now creating high quality text, imagery, video, and even music. Finding the right use case for your business is the hard part.

It seems like every time we turn around, robots are getting involved in more creative endeavors. Last year, robots started painting, and this past week Rolling Stone wrote about the launch of Udio, second of two music-making GenAi services. If you'd like a break down of how the two compare you can catch it here:

Udio vs Suno
Udio vs. Suno - which GenAI music making is best?

But it's not just music out of whole cloth. These systems allow you to get in and really play around with the inputs and outputs. In this demo you can see a male vocalist playing around with outputting the sound using a synthetic female voice (it's pretty mind blowing):

screengrab youtube dude sings like a lady
Dude sounds like a lady!

So what does this all mean? Musicians are now the latest creatives—following writers and digital artists—who's livelihoods are potentially under threat by Generative AI. This quote some things up pretty well:

tweet humans doing the hard jobs
Don't forget making music!

What does this mean for me?

Even if you are not a musician generative AI is going to change your industry. It's more important now than ever, that you and your company are preparing for this change. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is willing to help with AWS Proof of Concept funding being made available for Gen Ai Proof of Concepts. Message me today if you'd like to learn more and set up a free planning session.

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