Portland (PDX)

Did you know Metal Toad is headquartered in Portland, Oregon?  True story.  The locals call Portland PDX (after the airport) when they don't feel like saying a full 8 letters.  Plus it helps us to avoid be confused with the other Portland...

  • The Metal Toad logo on a map of Los Angeles

    Metal Toad office in Los Angeles

    We are excited to announce that coming in June 2017, Metal Toad will be opening a permanent office in the Los Angeles metro. For years Metal Toad has...

  • Portland Skyline

    Why Portland will be the Next Tech Hub

    The demand for software continues to rise. I've written before on the current workforce gap and how that gap will be filled through vocational programing schools, and I've written about how the progress of software and how it follows evolutionary paths. This article is a prediction on where the next epicenter of software innovation and talent will be - and that city is Portland. Here is why

  • The Toads Have Leapt!

    The Toads Have Leapt!

    After three wonderful years at our previous office, Metal Toad has outgrown our lilypad.

  • cool tech graphics

    DrupalCon Pre-Show and announcements

    Here we go! Portland's Drupalcon is here. Here is a quick update about some of the exciting things that Metal Toad is bringing to the event. Stop by our booth (#207) and come party with us Tuesday and Wednesday. Come watch us record the podcast live and even step up to the mic if you dare. T-shirts, wine, stickers, foosball, Drupal!?!?! Whoa.

  • cool tech graphics

    Metal Toad Media is moving

    It is with a light heart and a kick in our step that the Metal Toad team heads out to our new office. We're moving into Auditorium Building on SW 3rd Ave., just down the street from...

  • cool tech graphics

    Google Hotpot Rates Portland 5/5

    Google, the king of the internet, and Portland, OR, also known as Beervana; at first the two may seem unrelated, but at closer inspection it seems as if Portland has been targeted by Google's new service called Hotpot.

  • Chuck is Drupie

    Drupal7 Spirit

    Let it not be said that vosechu (Chuck Vose) has shied away from getting into the spirit of things. Drupal has hit version 7 as of this past Wednesday (1/5/11) and as our unofficial Chief Fun Officer, Chuck leads the pack on celebrating this big milestone.

  • color people cut outs

    We may not always be the right fit... but we probably know someone!

    It seems that I often hear the term "full service agency" used a lot in the advertising/design/marketing/development world.

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