The Philadelphia Orchestra


To help sponsors, donors, and patrons enjoy an optimal user experience with the Philadelphia Orchestra's web properties across all devices.


Analyzing stakeholder needs and user behavior provided valuable data to Metal Toad, centering the project aims and ensuring long-lasting site functionality.


Metal Toad improved usability, access to interactive modules, and site-wide responsiveness while optimizing Orchestra content for online search.


Visitor experience enjoyed vastly improved overall site usability, including ordering tickets, access to events calendar, quick-and-easy donations, and social sharing.

The Philadelphia Orchestra’s excellence has earned the lofty expectations from its sponsors, donors, and patrons. When approaching Metal Toad for a potential partnership, they made it clear that their current website was falling short. Unable to access many essential functions of their website when users enter via mobile and tablet, patrons required greater access to the Orchestra and the internal stakeholders needed a partner to put their fans back in touch with their brand.

After considerable consultation, the Toads uncovered the project goals and compiled a wide breadth of technical recommendations and wireframes.  Focusing heavily on an improvement in user experience (UX) across devices and browses, a focused and informed development process ensued. A heavy QA workflow with dedicated testing of user stories, bi-weekly status calls, and live demos ensured that Metal Toad was on the right track.

Next, the Orchestra wanted a single place for patrons to login, subscribe, buy tickets, check order history, and even make donations. This “My Account” access needed to be pushed to mobile and tablet as well as desktop and, to make this happen, the Toads utilized the power of AngularJS.

With responsive design and upgraded UX in place, the Toads are now helping the Orchestra widen their audience. Acting as technical consultants on behalf of the marketing department’s search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, meta tagging and content recommendations based on best industry practices are improving the quantity and quality of the Orchestra’s online traffic.

The site is steadily growing beyond the initial expectations of POA stakeholders and Metal Toad alike. Aesthetically, the site enjoys a positive patron and staff reception and the new UX makes navigation smooth and seamless. 

This partnership typifies Metal Toad’s consulting roll inside of great a cultural institution seeking a deeper connection with their audience. The Toads are proud of our partnership with the Philadelphia Orchestra and look forward to years more of collaboration.

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