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Meet the Toads

We are craftspeople.
We believe all work is worthy of mastery.

We are humble.
We ask to be proud of our work and nothing more.

We are purposeful.
We live our values and believe in the virtues of our efforts.

Joaquin Lippincott

President & Founder

Aaron Amstutz

Development Team Lead

Aaron Kennedy

Office Concierge

Alex Laughnan

Technology Consultant

Aubrey Francois

Development Team Lead

Ben Teegarden


Brad Kouchi


Cesar Jimenez

Junior Developer

Corinna Gelster-Borgardt

Design and Communication Manager + Office Sommelier

Dan Linn

Director of Development

Darren Lute

Junior Developer

Dylan Tack

Director of Technology

JeeBak Kim


Jonathan Jordan

Software Architect

Jordan Laman

QA Engineer

Keith Dechant

Software Architect

Kevin McConnaughay

Technology Consultant

Lacey Halpern


Marcus Bernal


Matt Payton

Senior Project Manager

Moof Mayeda

Junior Developer

Nate Rupert

Marketing Manager

Nathan Wilkerson

Cloud Engineer

Nick Procter

Technology Consultant

Peter Bliss


Randi King

Talent Manager

Robert Linnemann

Mobile Developer

Robinson Eaton

Project Manager

Sam Ingle

iOS Developer

Sara Stillwell

Financial Analyst

Simeon Wessinger

Finance Manager

Slavko Pesic


Steve Winters

Cloud Services Manager

Tim Winner

Vice President of People

Tom Martin

Senior Technology Consultant

Tony Rasmussen

Vice President of Growth

Tyler Ward

Cloud Engineer + Office Cicerone

Cardboard Han Solo

Smuggler / Nerf Herder

Cardboard Storm Trooper

Empire Elite Soldier / Bad Shot

Chewbacca of Kashyyyk

Smuggler / Wookiee of Noble Lineage

Toad Life!

Toad Life

At Metal Toad, we emphasize mastery of craft in the service of our clients. Many of us are veterans of the professional services industry, and from our experiences we are using Craft, Humility, and Purpose to combat the status quo of Better, Faster, Cheaper.