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Headquartered in Portland, Oregon for more than seven decades, Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) produces the best-selling brands of commercial vehicles with a global reach. They are market leaders in fleet management and their Telematics division is setting the bar for quality and innovation around the world.

In early 2015, DTNA sought a partner that could keep them on the leading edge of technology. Metal Toad’s experience in solving enterprise challenges with a streamlined process and high-functioning software made us the obvious choice. Metal Toad’s key objective was to help DTNA gain competitive advantage by unlocking the power of vehicle data and optimizing vehicle performance through an intuitive telematics platform built on the leading edge of technology.

Large Scale Data Aggregation

Trucks produce an incredible amount of data. The initial release of Detroit Connect focused on vehicles’ faults that are detected during their ongoing operation. We have provided standard functionality and features that one would expect in a business-to-consumer portal, such as the ability to manage one’s own account, management of fleet users and access permissions, and various means of notification.

Advanced Analytics

The next iteration of Detroit Connect gives DTNA customers the ability to gain valuable insights to help them manage their fleets by using advanced analytic data. Using this functionality can have a direct impact on a fleet’s bottom line in regards to fleet health, fuel economy, driver score, safety, and vehicle trip details. Interactive graphs enable fleets to quickly spot outliers and risks, then drill down to identify solutions before they become a problem, uncovering vehicle performance insights without number crunching.

Mobile App

Providing fleet managers and drivers an iOS and Android platform offers a rich opportunity to expand the usability of Detroit Connect. The final product is a mobile experience that both fleet managers and employees in the field can use to track fleet performance.


Metal Toad engineered an easy-to-use telematics portal by collecting real data from moving targets around the globe and translated that data into meaningful insights. DTNA has turned technology into a key differentiator in their fleet management product offering called Detroit Connect. Users are able to view vehicle fault events and performance data for insights into their overall fleet health, fuel economy, and safety performance.

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