Sasha Friedman
Lead Product Manager


Sasha FriedmanI have been dedicated to being a conscientious business person throughout my career after being inspired as a young person by the concept of sustainable business and the triple bottom line. I've worked in Product Management in one aspect or another for my whole career, from alternative fuel distribution, to cleantech research, to hydropower technology development, to energy efficiency programming, to custom software development. The unifying theme has been a customer focus: if the product or service is a joy to use, I've done my job.

I started off with a business degree and added a mechanical engineering degree to the wall ten years later, enabling me to bridge the gap between business and engineering. I've spent time at startups and multinationals, and have learned that while the company's mission is important, it is my coworkers who make the day-to-day experience meaningful. After all, we all spend what, a third of our lives at work?

On a personal level, I guess I'm painfully Portland... I was scouted for the TV show Portlandia a number of years ago and they told me to "just be myself and just keep doing that hipster bicycle thing" while they filmed.

StrengthsFinder: Strategic, Achiever, Analytical, Context, Learner

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