Paul Inman
Engineering Manager

I am fortunate to have enjoyed a wonderfully fascinating career in many industries including Aerospace, Computer Graphics, Construction, Consulting, Defense, Enterprise software applications, International Shipping, the Internet, Marketing, Medical Devices, Non-Profit organizations, Oil & Gas, Remote Data Acquisition, RFID, Telecommunications, and Training across a wide range of technology platforms. I have a broad background that includes disciplines such as aerospace engineering, biology, chemistry, electrical engineering, human factors, intellectual property, leadership, medical devices, management, mathematics, physics, psychology, sociology, software development, systems engineering, and strategic planning.

I have founded a successful software company, headed a team that placed a project on the Space Shuttle, and developed best-in-class products that have dramatically changed markets. I have also enjoyed international business and cultural experiences in Europe, Asia, and the Pacific Rim.

On the side, I do research in robotics, machine learning, speech recognition, and software development technologies. I am passionate about solving challenging problems. I enjoy working with organizations having cultures of excellence, high integrity, diversity, collaboration, and opportunities for development and fulfillment of its employees.

I am also an ex-athlete whose creaky body doesn't permit much in the way of such activities these days. I'm a big Thorns fan.

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