Daniel Mesquita
Senior Software Engineer

Father, husband, record collector, coffee abuser, beer enthusiast, NBA superfan... This Brazilian transplant's involvement with web technologies started in late 90's- the ancient times often referred to as the "View Source-era"- as a hobby, and this newfound passion never went away. His love for everything web led him to a full career switch in 2009, when he gave up on a promising career in Business Management in SoCal and jumped head first into the web development world. 

His background includes PHP applications in Laravel, CodeIgniter, Wordpress and Drupal sites, medium and large e-Commerce solutions, and much more. 

When not sitting behind a keyboard coding, or chasing his little one around, Daniel spends most of his time doing exactly what he loves: listening to music, going to concerts, drinking a nice cup o'joe, or enjoying the best Portland has to offer: drinking the best craft beers with friends or enjoying a nice hike on one of the countless parks/waterfalls surrounding the city.

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