Say no to NoSQL AKA NewSQL is the future!

With the rise of Big Data™ and IoT we saw a large wave of NoSQL™ proponents. Everyone began to jump on the bandwagon and hype trains to use these technologies to service their persistence layers. It became a mantra and it seemed like the end of nigh for relational (SQL) databases. Some companies were steadfast in only using NoSQL™ stores, claiming this was all that was needed for their data and would not hear another word of ever using a traditional "SQL" database. Unsurprisingly, SQL is not dead, but persistence layers have become more complex for many types of applications.

Big Data for the Hopelessly Relational

I've been working with relational databases for a long time. In fact, my very first job as a software engineer waaaaay back when was converting an MS Access database from one very old version to another very old version (I think it was the shiny new Access 2000). I can rattle off the difference between an inner, right, left and full join, I can write stored procedures and functions and triggers and constraints, and on a good day I can even (maybe) remember the difference between first, second and third normalized form.

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