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Drupal 7 Tutorial: Creating Custom Formatters with the Field API

Custom formatters are a great way to control the output of your fields. In this tutorial I'm going to use an example that takes a user's Facebook URL as the input and outputs a button of the Admin's choosing, along with an option to open the link in a new window. To get started, we'll need to get a module skeleton sketched out. You'll need to create these two files:

  • facebooklink.module

The first file,, can be fairly simple:

Allowing CCK to handle the weight of your form elements

Lately I've been working on a project to allow drupal to intelligently manage legacy data, to display, edit, and work with all aspects of the data as securely as possible. Naturally, it's difficult to say the least but I've learned a great deal. One of the things I thought was going to be a pain but ended up easy was managing where the fields appeared on a form. Yes, I could set the weights manually through the Forms API but CCK actually gives us some really great tools to do this without sweating.

For reference, this is based on the wonderful if totally impossible to find article here: The Great Pretender.