How to Fix Caching for Views With Exposed Filters in Drupal 7

One of the better features of the views module in Drupal is the ability to cache your view's output. This can come in handy when your view is doing a lot of computation. Caching your view will save your server a lot of unneeded work. One of the big current drawbacks of this feature is if you enable caching for your view and you have an exposed filter, you'll run into the following scenario:

Stage-specific Drupal settings with local_settings.php

The decision to store settings.php in your version control system can be sticky. On one hand, there may be application-specific settings you would like to manage (perhaps the session lifetime, for example). On the other hand, it's a bad practice to store passwords in VCS, and some settings are host-specific. Perhaps you'd like to disable CSS aggregation on your development stage, or enable memcached only on your production stage.

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