A Formula for Healthy Project Size Compared to Organization Size

This post is the first in a series following the session I presented at Drupalcon Austin recently, entitled "Oh look, we're growing!" The session as a whole focuses on my experience from a project management and operations perspective as Metal Toad grew from a small web shop into a medium-sized technology consultancy, and why I think project management needs to play an integral role in steering an organization's growth.

Project Management Chronicles: Be the Expo

Imagine this scenario at your favorite popular and busy eatery:

A diner informs the server that their order has been undercooked and that their side is not what they ordered; the overachieving, overburdened and busy server returns to the kitchen with the dish and requests a re-fire of the dish to more than one of a number of cooks in the kitchen; all of which are told or hear different interpretations of the diner’s original wishes.

Top 5 Skills & Practices You Need to be a Good Project Manager

Project Management in an agency is a difficult role to prepare for. You need to balance keeping customers happy while making sure that you aren't overpraising, potentially compromising the budget and timeline of a project. Over the years of working with great project managers I have taken note of the following skills and practices that are critical to success as a PM:

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