Book Review: HTML5 Boilerplate Web Development

This book is packed with a ton of various tips and tricks for the novice or the pro. Even with 13 years of experience it still taught me a few things that had flown under my radar that I'll be implementing right away. While it does take some leaps regarding expected reader knowledge, there are plenty of links and resources noted to help anyone catch up.

Ranking Drupal Modules on

One of the biggest dilemmas I faced as a new Drupal developer was figuring out which module was the best to use in any given situation. Only when I finally got around some other Drupal developers did I get a real sense of which were good and which weren’t as good. The best indicator on the site before that for me was the number of sites using it. Being a bit of a rebel, this rubs me wrong. Just because a few thousand sites are using it, doesn’t mean that it’s good, right? And what if a newer, better-developed module gets released? It would not pass that test.

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