The Successful Digital PM, Part 5B: Professional Development

Following parts 1-4 on what makes for a great digital PM, part 5A covered finding and hiring those great project managers. Part 5B gets into some strategies that we employ for professional development to make sure our project managers are on-boarded with proper training and have the opportunity to grow professionally on a continuing basis.

Metal Toad University #10: Real Time Word Press

In this episode our intrepid adventurers embarked on a quest to install WordPress. I have to admit, this was quite easy and didn't take nearly as long I expected it would. Since I was also new to WordPress, we explored together. We went through the process of downloading and installing it, setting up the database, and selecting a theme. Along the way we talk about other concepts as they come up like using Lorem Ipsum placeholder text, using rsync to transfer files, and using command line MySQL.

Metal Toad University #8: The Wolf Theme

This session had us finding new images to create a new theme for our site. Once our new wolf images and patterns were created and exported, we went about with the theming. I added one class to the HMTL: wolf. Then we found the styles that were specifying images and copied them to a new location in our CSS and prefixed them with the wolf class. That made this:

h2:before {
content: ".";
background: url(../img/skull.png);
width: 52px;
position: absolute;
left: 0px;
height: 82px;
font-size: 0px;

Metal Toad University #5: The Gathering

OMG, no video! For shame! We had some technical difficulties (read: Dan was a doofus), so there was no audio on the video. So while you could watch it, it probably wouldn't be that helpful. Sorry!

But here's what we did:

This class was where we finally started putting everything together to work on an actual site: Beek and Brooke's Bloody Bash. This is my annual Halloween party and an easy target for a fun little demo site.

Where's the Love for Drupal Content Editors? (UPDATED)

One of the great things about Drupal from a developer perspective is access to a large, supportive community of other Drupal developers from which I learn every day. If I'm having trouble figuring out how to achieve something, a quick Google search will often reveal the solution to my problem in just a few clicks.

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