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Using Twitter Effectively

You may have noticed Metal Toad has been expanding our scope when it comes to blog content – namely a lot of interviews, event coverage, and (soon) a podcast. Because Metal Toad is active in the Portland tech commuity, and because we believe so much in open source software and web standards, we think it is important to try and capture and share as much of the knowledge that is floating out there as we can.

Top 10 Questions Being Asked About Social Media

After digging around on the internet I found this infographic which posed a series of unanswered questions about Social Media. Since we're all relatively new to these platforms I figured i'd share what i've learned about Social Media Marketing, and how I've leveraged brands through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Bad Ideas Don't Stick Around For Long - But They Still Get Funded

In this day and age whether you are talking about movies or ad campaigns, bad ideas - or badly executed ideas - don't stick around very long. They are voted down and/or bad-mouthed on Twitter or Facebook and the word gets out very quickly. Advertising superstar Gerry Graf (think the latest Snickers & Skittles campaigns) weighed in on this phenomenon on Adverising Age saying:

"We live in a time when the best idea wins, and scale doesn't matter much to the idea."

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