Quick & Dirty WordPress Plugin Benchmarking in Debug Bar

At tonight's PDX WordPress Dev meetup (thanks for the pizza Digital Trends) Daniel Bachhuber had some questions about benchmarking a plugin. Benchmarking WordPress itself is easy, but it's harder to isolate a specific plugin, much less a few calls to preg_match_all() within it. The questioned SEO Auto Linker plugin does this on every page load, so any running time adds latency on every page.

Speculation from the meetup is that a PHP regex operating on post content, a blob, and looping through hundreds of links could be pretty slow. Too much caffeine today meant I had to give it a try.

Drupal benchmark results using AB and the simple things we did to get here

I was trolling around the Internet today looking for drupal hosting benchmarks and I actually had a little trouble finding something current. Dries has one comparing D6 on PHP4 vs D6 on PHP5 but that was clearly ages ago. I also realize that this is going to be out of style in about 12 minutes, will probably be fraught with contention, and generally mocked by everyone; but in the interest of those few souls out there that really actually just want to know what is reasonable to expect from production hardware under some load I want to post these stats anyways.

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