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Our Approach

When creating User Interface designs at Metal Toad it’s important to start with our philosophy: good user interface design should make development faster and easier. With this in mind, we use several standardized tools: Figma & the Material UI library.

Why work this way?

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What is Figma? 

Figma is a collaborative interface design tool that’s taking the design world by storm. Unlike Sketch, which runs as a standalone macOS app, Figma is entirely browser-based and therefore works not only on Macs, but also on PCs running Windows or Linux, and even on Chromebooks. It also offers a web API, and it’s free! Another major benefit of Figma is that it enables real-time sharing on the same file. When using traditional offline applications such as Sketch and Photoshop, if designers want to share their work, they usually have to export it to an image file, and then send it via email or instant messaging. In Figma, instead of exporting static images, we can simply share a link to the Figma file for clients and colleagues to open in their browsers. This in itself saves significant time and inconvenience in a designer’s workflow. But more importantly, it means that clients and colleagues can interact more richly with the work, and review the latest version of the file.

Figma Screen of an UX/UI Project


What is MUI?

Material UI is a massive library of UI components designers and developers can use to build React applications. The open-source project follows Google’s guidelines for creating components, giving you a customizable library of foundational and advanced UI elements. It's faster time-to-market, meaning the component library gives designers and developers a massive headstart with thoroughly tested UI elements ready to go. One of the biggest design system governance challenges is maintaining a single source of truth. It’s not uncommon for product teams, UX designers, and developers to have out-of-sync design systems–resulting in errors, rework, and massive headaches and challenges for DesignOps.. Using MUI’s component library can significantly reduce these challenges while creating a single source of truth between design and development.

MUI website homepage

MUI components page

What we don't do?

Metal Toad is a software engineering & cloud firm and while we believe a great UI can save tremendous amounts of money, it’s important to talk about what we don’t do and what we are not.

  • We are not a branding agency - we don’t do logo or branding work, though we have friends that do.
  • We are not a marketing company - we don’t do marketing campaigns but we work with amazing firms that do.
  • We don’t do market research - market research is a specialized field

Why choose Metal Toad?

We deliver the best, and never over-engineer or spend money on things that aren't valuable. We deliver great experiences from start to finish. This is always a central goal of every project and interaction. We live by a set of core values that make every client interaction into a truly rewarding partnership. We love to design to provide the best experiences.


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