Technological Business Analysis

Technological Business Analysis Diagram

Know Your Code’s Value

Each and every one of your IT products is an asset. Just ask your balance sheet. Gone are the days when software buys are filed under miscellaneous, and today's enterprise IT investment infrastructure is at an all-time high.

In order to understand the full value and utility of your code, Metal Toad takes a deep dive into your technological infrastructure across all continents and business units. Requirements gathering is done at the macro scale and the breadth of information creates a clear and complete picture of the future opportunities to ensure your organization performs at its full potential. Schedule your free consultation today.

Outsourcing this technological business analysis brings with it a fresh set of eyes. This process has evolved from working within IT at the business operation to a professional group who:

  • Gathers business requirements
  • Assists in integrations and migrations
  • Determines and performs user and acceptance testing
  • Supports the development of training and implementation material
  • Provides post-implementation support and ongoing counsel

The Software Ecosystem

Metal Toad’s holistic, ecosystem-driven approach offers project plans that seek opportunities throughout all your business units. Your code is analyzed and valued as components greater than the sum of its parts. Schedule your free consultation today.

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