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Ensure Codebase Security

Few things in the digital world cause more fear than a security breach that undermines the value and reputation of your company. A Metal Toad Security Audit brings with it a sense of security with the knowledge that there is an expert team of engineers looking for all vulnerabilities throughout your codebase. Metal Toad Security Audits drastically decrease risk of security vulnerabilities for not only yourself but your clients and consumers as well. Our process is comprehensive and as painless as possible so schedule your free consultation today.

Security policies should be the foundation of all software products and established policies and standards are the key to determining your level of risk. Though you and your team are doing security audits as often as possible, a comprehensive Metal Toad Security Audit ensures that you are never left vulnerable to outside attack.

The Metal Toad Security Audit Process

Security Audit Diagram

Metal Toad's trained security audit specialists will review and document any security mechanisms configured on both the application layer and the server side. Security auditing is more than a full-time job and the aid and the advice that you will receive from Metal Toad's outside eye is key in making your internal security audits a force multiplier.

Metal Toad Security Audit scanning technology is continuously updated and maintains the highest application patches for reported vulnerabilities. While Metal Toad technology is always at peak performance, it takes the know-how of a skilled team to help you interpret results, rectify issues, and implement new security policies resulting from your audit.

Metal Toad provides monthly, quarterly, and annual security audits to establish a baseline of how well you are managing your risk year over year. Couple this with expert advice to guide you through making your IT infrastructure fireproof, and you and your team will never feel overwhelmed or lost in dealing with the findings of any audit report.

Metal Toad has your back when it comes to security audits and the right team to keep you and your reputation intact. Schedule your free consultation today.

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