Enterprise System Architecture

Enterprise System Architecture Diagram

Drive Business Value from System Architecture

Metal Toad Systems Engineers create architecture that drives sustainable, long-term business value. Systems development — from conceptualization to development to certification — is a cornerstone to any viable enterprise and your architecture is directly correlated to future growth potential.

Metal Toad has successfully launched systems architecture schema within a diverse set of business environments, from fast growth companies to highly matrix organizations to global companies with varied business aims. Some of the lessons learned are:

  • Define business objectives before architecting the solution
  • Ensure that all stakeholders have the opportunity to analyze architectural pros and cons
  • Stay agile and avoid single-minded thought patterns
  • Evaluate the architecture throughout system development
  • Avoid getting locked into proprietary or obsolete technologies
  • Watch out for architectural schemas that would hold you hostage by a specific vendor
  • Construct all architecture in such a way that stakeholders understand the next iterations to come

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Understanding Systems Architecture

The IT world has various purposes for systems architecture and many different types of architectural styles. To understand the various frameworks and models, Metal Toad Systems Engineers leverage their past experience and leading-edge know-how to conceptualize different architectural approaches and applications, including the use of today’s most advanced architectural patterns.

As proper systems engineering turns an operational business need into a set of operational requirements, Metal Toad’s analysis transforms these needs into a set of system requirements and an ideal solution. Not only is your solution architected — or, often, your existing architecture is updated — but detailed documentation serves as the new foundation that guides design and development.

Metal Toad creates tailored solutions throughout the technological ecosystem. Understanding that there is never a single, out-of-the-box solution that can solve your systems architecture needs sets Metal Toad apart. Many product companies attempt to minimize your business needs to the point that their product fits whatever is left over. Metal Toad is committed to you and realizing the solutions you need. Getting you there on-time and on-budget is of paramount importance.

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