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Expertise in Digital Project Management

Today’s enterprise continues to grow in scale and scope. Organizations are taking on more complicated projects but rarely have they adequately invested in their organization’s project management practices, processes, and methodologies. Metal Toad provides digital project management consulting born from everyday successes and failures. Schedule your free consultation today.

A thorough assessment of your organization’s current practices against Metal Toad’s battle-tested best practices helps you identify gaps in your project management workflow. Metal Toad encourages you to draw on the years of invaluable experience that only our business model can offer. Metal Toad works with an array of organizations, and your team will benefit from decades of expertise upon which digital project management methodologies offer the most benefits for your business, including:

  • Project planning architecture
  • PMO deployment, operation, and enhancement
  • Agile methodology implementation
  • Lean Six Sigma

Project Planning Architecture

Many of today’s digital projects are wrought with overages and are flat out failures. The key to avoiding any losses associated with project failures is through diligent adherence to well-architected projects. Metal Toad brings you experts who address common areas of concern — including scope, resource availability, and project controls — to turn around a troubled project quickly.

PMO Deployment, Operation, and Enhancement

Are you a new business that needs to formalize project management into a PMO? Is your PMO inefficient and in need of a tune up? If so, Metal Toad can help you design a new PMO and implement processes and best-practices that will bring you the expertise and tools needed to deliver projects on time, on budget, within scope, with happy clients.

Agile Methodology Implementation

Metal Toad is an Agile shop and, through a lot of hard lessons learned, Agile digital project management has become a core competency. Metal Toad brings these valuable lessons to you and gets you delivering value every two weeks with our Agile implementation consulting.

Lean Six Sigma

Do your business processes need improvement? Hire our certified Lean Six Sigma Blackbelts to help you eliminate non-value add activities, streamlines process flow, and nearly eliminate process variation.

Could your organization benefit from digital project management consulting? If so, schedule your free consultation today.

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