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Code Audit Process with Metal Toad

No matter what step you are at in your code-building process, bringing in an outside eye to audit is an essential part of maintaining issue free compliance-friendly software. If you and your team are in need of code audit of any size, schedule your free consultation today.

When Metal Toad audits code, you can be assured that a team of skilled engineers will carefully review each line in search of technical bugs, legal and compliance issues, and proprietary infringement. Code is then run through automated programs to further identify any unforeseen issues. You and your team receive a detailed report and analysis of how to improve your code and the tools with which to do so effectively and efficiently.

Throughout the process you will be supported by a team of top engineers led by a dedicated project manager. This team is committed to your success and, whether the project is launching functional software, transitioning to an open-source platform, or purchasing existing software code from a merger or acquisition, Metal Toad is here to resolve any issues inside your codebase. Code audits from Metal Toad offer not only a sense of security, but the peace of mind that the unknown is no longer an issue.

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Software Code Audit

Launching a new software product is a massive undertaking. Metal Toad understands how important it is that new software makes a great first impression. The product must run smoothly, pass security compliance, and comply with all regulatory mandates. With a Metal Toad Software Code Audit, your work is sure to win customers and stay secure.

Metal Toad identifies issues within the entire code framework and seeks to inform you and your team with comprehensive yet simple reports on the current issues within the software. Metal Toad Software Code Audits also assist you in identifying file inventory, software modules, and the influence of external code around your software product. This allows your proprietary information to stay protected while providing your early customers with a great experience.

Open Source Code Audit

Developing new open-source codebases requires time and resources and, upon launch, there is nothing more frustrating than finding out that major flaws exist in operation or security. A Metal Toad Open Source Code Audit mitigates the risk of technical issues and ensures protection for you and your team. Metal Toad’s audit process offers the most up-to-date knowledge of the ever changing landscape of compliance and regulatory mandates.

The best time to start the process of auditing your open-source code is in the beginning and the process should be maintained as the product is developed.

Merger and Acquisition Code Audits

A merger or acquisition can be an exciting time, but also a time to protect your current and future assets. Metal Toad’s M&A Code Audit allows you to enter into a new venture with an assurance of mind that any future operations will not be hidden or lost. You and your team need to know what value is being acquired and how the company in question has been leveraging its internal IT infrastructure before a purchase is complete.

Metal Toad’s expertise in demystifying code ensures you and your team have a comprehensive guide to remove all potential security breaches, operational flaws, and non-compliant code.

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