System Integration Services

Seamless System Integration with Metal Toad

Today’s complex information systems often rely on custom architecture or applications. Integrating them with new or existing hardware, packaged and custom software, and communications tools is difficult and many enterprises choose to export their system integrations to an external vendor who can recommend the simplest solutions that provide the biggest value.

Metal Toad is an expert system integration partner across multiple technologies and industries.

Whether the integration is vertical (when the components of a system developed by a single acquisition program are integrated to produce the desired capability) or horizontal (when new capabilities are created across individual systems developed by different acquisition programs), Metal Toad will ensure that you and your team’s system architecture is properly integrated.

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Metal Toad’s systems integration services include:

  • upfront consulting to identify integration and interoperability challenges,
  • integrating existing applications into the ideal business solution,
  • weaving third-party applications into newly architected frameworks,
  • engineering cost-effective data and content migrations,
  • building custom cloud architecture to host new frameworks and platforms,
  • and supporting the integration post launch.

The Metal Toad System Integration Process

Every project at Metal Toad starts with upfront consultation. Identifying integration and addressing interoperability challenges to meet the business goals is the backbone of Metal Toad’s system integration expertise.

Once development kicks off, system integrations are treated with the same strict development rigor that all Metal Toad software products receive. Robust design and development phases usher in testing, verification, validation, and deployment.

After components are developed, they must be integrated with your environments. The assembled system is then tested to verify that it performs in accordance with upfront acceptance criteria and business requirements. It is common for individual systems to be developed originally for custom, one-off purposes. Metal Toad understands this and ensures that all requisite functionality is carried from the old system to the new. Schedule your free consultation today.

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