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Enterprise-class iOS and Android Apps

An app rarely exists in a vacuum. It is much more common that native apps feed into an entire web-based ecosystem of integral parts that allow streamlined performance and ease of operation. Due to this, it is important to have a partner that understands full-stack development and integration with existing web properties, data feeds, and libraries.

Native apps serve as an extension of your product or service. They provide a unique ability to translate your brand while gathering data as to why and how your customers consume it on the go. Push the envelope with your ideas and learn how your data can enliven your brand and link customer interaction further than you have ever imagined.

Dedicated mobile engineers create new solutions to combine with current properties creating better and more interactive solutions. Metal Toad has worked with many native packages, like SpriteKit, Core Data, and AFNetworking on native iOS applications and is constantly on the search for the latest and greatest solutions to help mobile technology bolster your brand and increase consumer interaction.

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Upgrade, Customize, and Support Your Application

Metal Toad's ethos is to create the best solutions, even when the best solution may not include creating an app from scratch. Often, Metal Toad engineers functionality on top of an app’s existing iOS or Android codebase that is outdated, lacking functionality, off-brand, or simply unfinished.

Unlike mobile-specific shops, Metal Toad develops mobile apps inside our robust software methodology. Nothing is done ad hoc. Each and every feature set and bug fix is documented and a direct line is drawn from ideation to development to QA to launch.

As native iOS and Android apps are an extension of your software and brand, treat them with the respect and care they deserve. Metal Toad will support your app long after launch. Whether your app is engineered for internal business purposes or it drives customers and revenue, Metal Toad can make sure that it is fully functional with minimal downtime.

Don't allow the hard work and time spent in development of your mobile app to go by the wayside. Let Metal Toad be of help when your app needs a refresh, needs supported, or has gone off course. Schedule your free consultation today.

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