Machine Learning

The Evolution of Machine Learning

Until recently, data analysis required a heavy investment in people to process and interpret vast sets of incoming data. Machine learning offers an evolution in this process and allows you and your team to derive valuable insights from data while staying focused on your company’s strategic future.

Machine learning is the leading edge of business intelligence. Unlike out-of-the-box machine learning tools that confine you to certain parameters, Metal Toad’s Machine Learning as a Service (MLaaS) architects algorithms focused on your precise business needs and desired outcomes. Schedule your free consultation.

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Find out why Siemens-Gamesa is chosing Metal Toad as their machine learning partner.

Integrate Metal Toad’s MLaaS with your enterprise systems to learn the previously unknown. You and your team will benefit from algorithmic intelligence into:

  • business operations and logistics
  • technological infrastructure
  • finance and accounting
  • sales, marketing, and account management
  • human resources
  • and others

Machine Learning in the cloud

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Tech-agnostic: Metal Toad’s deep tech expertise starts in being technology-agnostic. We work with leading-edge systems like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Things, and more—the right system to solve your business needs. This agnostic approach extends to connections: from peer-to-peer device connections to bluetooth, 3G, wireless, and beyond—our infrastructure expertise encompasses the entire technological landscape.

Scalable: We create systems that are enormously elastic—so you can scale from proof-of-concept to production-size data streams seamlessly. There’s no limit to the amount of data you can glean from your sensors.

Secure: We build with security top of mind from the get-go. You can rest assured that your IoT data is encrypted end to end, rooted in a system that minimizes risks and keeps your infrastructure safe. From the code itself to our workplace protocols, Metal Toad takes a holistic approach to security that ensures our clients’ data is safe—even when dealing with highly sensitive information.

Machine Learning Tools by Metal Toad

Whether in the cloud or secured with internal infrastructure, the outcomes of machine learning with Metal Toad allow you and your team full access to best-in-class algorithms. Your finished model can then be deployed in minutes that can connect to any data, anywhere, at any time.

Solutions can be scalable or finite. Scalable MLaaS solutions can be written once and deployed across multiple business units with secure user privacy and permissions. Metal Toad automates the creation of predictive tools that adjust and learn while collecting data and satisfy stringent data security, privacy, or regulatory requirements.

Metal Toad accelerates the time from raw data to valuable predictive business outcomes. Schedule your free consultation.

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