IoT + Wearables

IoT & Wearables Development with Metal Toad

Predictable pathways of information are changing. The physical world is itself becoming an information system filled with devices that enhance consumers’ lives while driving data for business. The Internet of Things (IoT) is comprised of sensors and actuators embedded in physical objects that are linked through global wireless networks. These networks create vast volumes of data that today’s leading business teams are putting to good use.

Metal Toad develops IoT devices and wearables for businesses committed to transforming their customers’ experiences. From upfront consulting to proof of concept (POC) modeling to implementation and post-launch technological and data support, you and your team are surrounded by engineers and product managers intertwining the physical world with technology.

If IoT and wearables represent the next step in your and your team’s technological transformation, schedule your free consultation today.

Metal Toad’s IoT and wearables service offering includes:

IoT as the Future of Consumer Goods

The widespread adoption of the IoT will take time, but the timeline is moving with velocity. Improvements in core IoT and wearables technologies are making it easier for businesses and individuals alike to quickly translate new ideas into new products. Advances in wireless networking technology and the greater standardization of communications protocols make it possible to collect data from these sensors almost anywhere at any time. Miniscule hardware solutions are creating new possibilities while overall cost of production falling. Massive increases in storage and cloud computing make big data aggregation and analysis possible at an ever declining cost.

Metal Toad is no stranger to being on the frontier of adoption. Business leaders create partnerships with Metal Toad in order to better understand the constantly evolving technological landscape while ensuring that their internal teams and products remain supported.

If you and your team are investing in an IoT and wearables strategy, schedule your free consultation today.